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Love The Land Apparel



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Creator said trust - sweatpants.

Design by Shaelynn Trottier, the sweatpants feature a poem by Shaelynn. This poem reflects on the path she has been taken on to be where she is today. 

"I wrote this poem reflecting on the people in my life who inspire me, who are role models to me. People who have shown me worlds of opportunity.

I've always been an artist and a poet, I've always been shy of sharing my words and my work. These role models and people who inspire me have shown me not only knowledge, but expression.

How I got here, and how I met these people, was through an organic path that fell into place in front of me. Being here and meeting these beautiful people wasn't through my own plans. I decided to trust that path, and I would've never imagined that I'd be who I am today."

"Creator said leader, inspiration, provider. Creator said matriarch. Strong, indigenous, woman. Creator said trust, listen, follow. Allow the path to flow, it will lay out in front of you, child of the Earth and balance. Trust to be where you are meant to be, that you always have been and always will be. Allow trust to fill your heart, let it feel like beams of the sun coming through a rich forest. Lush shades of green, layered upon one another in natural harmony. Witness the tall cedars and firs, the maples of broad leaf and of vine, the shrubs of medicine, the carpet and cover of moss. Creator said do not stress, you are home. You are home here with me, in the forest, on the land, in your heart. To follow me is to follow your heart, and may your heart be full of trust and love. Here you are. Where you are meant to be."  


Shae is a Tla-o-qui-aht artist.

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